A fixed value life plan with increasing memorial service benefit.

Preneed Life Plan may not be a priority for some people-but the reality is death is inevitable. Angelica Life Plan allows you to prepare for life’s eventualities. They say, dying is expensive for the unprepared. With Angelica, you are not only protecting your loved ones from future financial and emotional struggles, but you are also making their lives easier, with lesser worries, even when you are no longer around.


The memorial benefits increase by 5% of the contract price that starts on the 6th policy year up to a maximum of 150% of the contract price.

Transfer (Living to Living) – An in-force Angelica Policy is Transferable to any third person, and contestability period will start anew.

Assignment (Living to Dead) – Angelica Policy can be assigned to any third person, if all remaining unpaid premiums due, plus taxes and other charges, shall be fully paid by the policy holder.

Payable in five year installments and for as low as P540 per month only Grace Period for delayed payment of premium – 60 days from the premium due date. Plan Reinstatement for Lapsed Plan- 2 years from the premium due date.

Memorial Service Benefits

  • Availability of service on a 24-hour Basis with just ONE PHONE CALL.

  • Retrieval of body from place of death using service vehicle of Mortuary.

  • Assistance in documentation requirements i.e. processing of death certificate and burial permits (fees, if any, not included).

  • Embalming services - sanitation and preservation of the body using local chemicals.

  • Provide professional cosmetological care to details of appearance.

  • Provide casket based on CLIMBS Life Plan option chosen.

  • Viewing equipment and paraphernalia: 1 standard set of viewing lights, casket stand, announcement board and carpet.

  • Interment - use of 1 hearse to burial site within 25km radius of servicing mortuary.


Memorial Service Benefits will be provided by over 400 accredited mortuaries

Additional Benefits

If the plan holder dies within insurable age up to 65 years old or within the 10-year period whichever comes first.

  • Credit Life Insurance – provides coverage on the unpaid balance of the GCP.
  • Yearly Renewable Term Insurance – the insurance benefit shall be equal to 100% of the GCP.
  • Total & Permanent Disability Benefit – remaining balance be fully paid once the policy holder becomes totally & permanently disabled before attaining age 65 and such disability continues uninterrupted for the period of 180 days.
  • Accidental Death Benefit – any accidental bodily injury which results to loss of life of the policy holder, insurance indemnifies is another 200% of the GCP.
  • Contestability Clause.
  • Contestability period for any of the insurance benefits shall be (1) one year from the effective date of the Plan.
  • Pre-existing illness-Heart ailment, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, lungs ailment, kidneys or intestinal disorder and tuberculosis.
    • Note: contestability is applicable when insured died within the period of one year and caused by pre-existing ailment.
  • Insurance Eligibility Requirements (under sa Additional Benefits) – Entry Age and Insurable Age: 18-65 years old
    • Note: ages 66 & above are still accepted using same GCP with limits in insurance coverage.

Premium Calculator

Contract Price
Doc. Stamp (One-Time Payment) 60
Monthly 540
Quarterly 1,590
Semi-Annual 3,120
Annual 6,000
IF Spot Cash (10% discount) 27,000

How to Apply?

Fill out the application form Click the APPLY button to fill up form or Click REGISTER & APPLY to register online, apply and monitor your own plan. Fill out the required information.


You can pay your premium at our offices nationwide. We also have online payment facilities for your convenience.

Payment via Mobile/Online Banking

To complete your transaction, pay your Angelica Life Plan thru any of this accounts with online banking:

  • (METROBANK) Acc. No: 037-70375-21660 or;
  • (BDO) Acc. No.: 00316-01697-87 or;
  • (BPI) Acc. No.: 232-100-1516 or;
  • (CHINA BANK – CDO) Acc. No.: 127-4000-10269 or;
  • (CHINA BANK – CEBU) Acc. No.: 117-9000-02879 or;
  • (LAND BANK) Acc. No.: 000152-1059-67
    Account Name: Cosmopolitan CLIMBS Life Plan Inc.

Please email your proof of payment to this email together with your valid ID:
Valid IDs *atleast 1: Company ID or any Government ID

Contact No.: 09688877716(Smart) ; 09178523750(Globe)

Payment via Gcash

Just go to your Gcash app and Click Pay bills under Insurance category search for “CCLPI”.

Step 1: Login to your GCASH App
Step 2: Click ‘Pay Bills’
Step 3: Under Pay Bills Click ‘Insurance’
Step 4: Search ‘CCLPI’
Step 5: Input all fields(Policy number, planholder name, amount (to pay), Email is optional
Step 6: Proceed and confirm your transaction.

If you don’t have a GCASH app, follow these steps.

Step 1: Dial *143#
Step 2: Type 9 [the number of the ‘Gcash’], in my phone: 9
Step 3: Type 5 [the number of the ‘Pay Bills’
Step 4: Type 2 [By Category]
Step 5: Type 6 [More – to search the ‘Insurance’ Category]
Step 6: Type 3 [Insurance]
Step 7: Type 4 [CCLPI]
Step 8: [Enter Policy Number (atleast 6-digit)]
Step 9: [Enter Planholder name]
Step 10: Amount to pay [Enter Amount in php]
Step 11: Type 1 [Continue] a charge of P30 for the convenience fee.

You are good to go. Wait for the final confirmation from CCLPI Plans.